As a golf professional, I've been teaching in San Antonio,
Texas for over 15 years. I tell all my students the same thing:
The quickest way to take 10 strokes off your score is to improve your short game, particularly your putting.
They always nod their heads in agreement, but when I ask
"so why don't you practice your putting more?",
the answer always comes back the same -

"I don't practice my putting because it is boring."

I invented Birdzone so that people can have fun while they practice their putting. And now I'm inviting you.

When you play BirdZone, you'll have fun.
Because you're having fun, you'll play it over and over.
Because you're playing it over and over, you'll improve your aim and distance control. And because you're improving your aim and distance control - you'll have fun. It's a circle!
And that's the idea - the more putts on BirdZone, the less putts out there.

Tom Covino
Golf Professional and Founder

Why BirdZone?